I started this series of paintings after looking closely at a single carnation floret in complete wonderment at its delicacy and beauty. I thought what a magnificent subject it would make painted large.

Flowers are at once complex and symmetrical. I love their randomised geometry, - order and chaos all at once. A single flower is a world within itself.

On a monumental scale a flower becomes an abstraction. It is easy to get lost in its myriad shapes and subtle colour transitions. which can take on an almost hypnotic quality, seeming to stop time itself. It is easy to imagine an insect being drawn inexorably into a flowers vortex.

In so many different cultures flowers are used as symbols of the transience of life. I sometimes think that the act of painting is a meditation on my own existence and an expression of my life as well. Exploring the external world through my paintings is a way for me to centre myself and sometimes find peace.